Tech High - As we are now

Pictures sent in by former pupils showing how they are now.

  • Russell Crawford 1990-95 and Peter Swift 1964-71
    ā€œI went to University to study engineering and to cut a long story short, I have found my way to the USA working at Boeing (Seattle). To fill in some spare time and to fulfil a childhood ambition, I decided to take some flying lessons. A colleague gave me details of a local flying school and off I went. How is this for a coincidence? The Chief Instructor at the Flying School is a chap called Peter Swift 1964-71, a former pupil of Chelmsford Technical High School, Patching Hall Lane. His parents still live in Shenfield and he has been out here for about 20 years!ā€
  • Paul Bacon Tech 1968-75 - modeling in his fur shop in Chicago.
  • Bob Swan 1959-64
  • Len Watkins Tech 1968-75
  • Sandra Black 1966 - 1973
    Attended Chelmsford Technical High School 1968 ā€“ 1973 having moved down from the north east of England. Here is a photo/mug shot for the gallery, as you can see Iā€™m still having my school photograph taken only this time my picture goes on the staff board at the entrance of school.
  • Pat Clarke nee Hodson 1968-1969 - emigrated to Australia.
  • John Knowles 1958-61
  • Michael Rosser 1954-61
    After school, went to P & O then the NHS and in 1971 to Australia. Ran the NSW Health Department and am now enjoying some reserve time with the Royal Australian Navy.
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