Chelmsford Technical High 1961-1965

Lower 6th Form - 1961


Form 5.1 June 1964

tech5 1june1964

Dave Foulger 1959 - 1964

Dave Foulcher 1959 64

Timothy Smith RIP


Andrew Johnston, Michael Sorrell, Terry Mitchell, Robert Newman

front row - Timothy Smith

This picture should be a tribute to Tim who died in his 30's after endless operations. I am sure many will remember him and his bravery. He was often teased about his limp but always took the comments in good spirit. Looking back on this era Tim will always remain as one of my heroes. Please add his name and hopefully other students of that period will have similar and fond memories of Tim.

Les Cutbush


Young Lads


Items of Interest

Trip to Paris - Whitsun 1963 pdf

King Lear - May 1965  pdf

Geology Field Trip - Lower 6th 1964

Geology Field Trip Pyramid Bristol L1


Chris Norman, Cecil Privet
Pete Vallance, Don Taigney, Ian Moore
Alison Whybrow, Pauline Gurling, Marion White


Geology Field Trip offering Pauline Gurling1



Priv, Jerk, Don, Pete, Ian, Bob, Chris

Pauline Gurling


Geology Field Trip Pyramid Stonehenge1


Bob Carter, Pete Vallance,
Don Taigney, Ian Moore, Jerk West,          Brian Canfer


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