Chelmsford Technical High 1969-1970


"Wanting for a change to produce a staff play I decided on 'A Separate Peace' by Tom Stoppard as it had an intriguing plot, mysterious even, yet was only one act and required just a few actors - perfect for busy teachers with limited time! It's about a man in some kind of nursing home and his various visitors and conversations, some on the telephone. Peter Dear played the 'patient'."
Mr Klein 1963-71
Liz Elias, Colin Vernon, Jenny Powell, Peter Dear & Gill Blunden
photo taken by Mr Taylor (biology)

  • Miss Elias 1969-74, taught physics at the Tech.. she married Mr Jevons in 1972
  • Mr Vernon 1956-87, taught RE and was later Head of Lower School
  • Mrs Powell 1960-75 taught PE and was formerly Miss Coulson
  • Mr Dear 1960-88, taught English
  • Mrs Blunden taught English



A selection of images from the school trip to a Jugendlager in a town called Bad Neiderbriesig in Germany in the glorious hot summer of 1969. If my memory served me correctly the price was something like £27.0.0 for 10 days.

By gum lad they were the days.

More pictures can be found on    CVOSA Flickr

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