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Malcolm Innes

Malcolm Innes



5 teachers who retired in 1969

Mr Pewter (deputy head) 1935-69, Miss Quick (French) 1955-69, Mr Clough (maths) 1935-69

Mrs Sankey (typing) 1938-69, Mrs Miller (French) 1954-69

Below is an extract from the Midexian at the time

At the end of the school year (July 1969), Mr. Pewter, Mrs. Sankey, Miss Quick, Mrs. Miller and Mr. Clough retired from the staff. Between them they had served the School for over 140 years.

MR. R. C. PEWTER, C.T.H.S. 1935-1969 Senior Master, 1957-1968; Deputy Head, 1968-69.

It will be difficult to think of this School without Mr. Pewter. Since the early days at Market Road, when many staff shared their teaching duties between the College and the School, he has taught building subjects, woodwork and technical drawing. In 1957, when he was appointed Senior Master of the School, he assumed additional administrative responsibility and, more recently, he became the Deputy Headmaster. His influence has been inestimable. In a large mixed school such as ours, organisation and administration make heavy demands and, in all such spheres, Mr. Pewter has worked goodheartedly and with characteristic panache and concern. He has been ready to help and to give of his best, loyally and full-bloodedly, for a span of thirty-four years. His energy and his insistence that the School should do well will be long remembered, particularly, perhaps, by the boys he taught in the workshops; it was here that high standards were much in evidence: high standards of craftsmanship and, as elsewhere, high standards of conduct and response. The School is grateful for all Mr. Pewter has done and it wishes him the happy and unruffled retirement, which he so richly deserves among his boats at Tollesbury.

MISS O. R. QUICK, C.T.H,S. 1945-1969 Head of the Languages Department, 1963-1969

It was in 1945 that Miss Quick was appointed to the Mid-Essex County Technical School from Shrewsbury Technical College. Having taught French here for many years, she was appointed Head of the new department of modern languages in 1963. Some time earlier she had spent a sabbatical year in Canada, an undertaking indicative of the spontaneity and verve, which underlie her relationships with staff and pupils. In recent years the demands of modern language teaching have increased, for Miss Quick has always been anxious to extend the influence of her department. As a Vlth form mistress she has had high ideals for her students' attitude towards work and school affairs; many will be grateful for the zeal with which she has organised holidays and summer schools abroad. We shall miss a friendly smile-a kindly approach to life's problems. For a year or so now Miss Quick has been living in Frinton-on-Sea and we wish her continued joy in the salubria, which she has selected for her retirement.

MR. W. CLOUGH, C.T.H.S. 1935-1969

To have served a school for thirty-four years is a remarkable achievement. Mr. Clough looks down the years as, indeed, do Mr. Pewter and Mrs. Sankey, to continuing changes of scene in the drama of school life: the curtain rose on a small technical school sharing the stage with a technical college, in 1958 the background changed to the pastures of Patching Hall; now over nine-hundred players unfold the daily story. It is with a nimble mind and a discerning eye that Mr. Clough has played his part in this presentation of things attempted and things done. We shall remember his contribution to school mathematics for which a vast number of pupils will be forever grateful. His memory of them is prodigious: never-ending snippets of their schooldays are narrated with relish. Many members of staff have reason to be grateful for the skilled help that Mr. Clough has given with the mysteries of teaching "aids". We shall miss him very much indeed for he has been a staunch companion, considerate and helpful to us all. Although justifiably proud of his Lancastrian heritage, Mr. Clough has decided to remain near our Saxon shores where we wish him many years of benign and contented retirement.

MRS. A. MILLER, C.T.H.S. 1953-1969

For reasons of tradition, foreign languages in the curriculum of secondary technical schools have met with many a hazard. However, for the last six years at C.T.H.S. French has been a compulsory subject and, more recently, Latin and German have found a niche on the timetable. We bring to mind Mrs. Miller's launching of German and the success with which she has piloted it on its well-charted course. Enthusiasm, kindness and friendliness have characterized her work for us - as a form mistress, housemistress and an organizer of holidays abroad. Cultural standards have meant much to Mrs. Miller. We shall remember her example, cheerfully and unselfishly given, with constant pleasure, and her many interests will fill her days to the very brim. May they bring refreshment and delight both to herself and to her many friends.

MRS. V. D. SANKEY, C.T.H.S. 1937-1969

Mrs. Sankey retired in July after thirty-two years of faithful service to the School. Throughout her time here she has taught shorthand and typewriting and, more recently, she has contributed to the teaching of Religious Education. The girls-and there must be well over a thousand-who have taken the commercial course will be grateful for Mrs. Sankey's depth of concern and rigorous standards, and she has taken a real interest in individual pupils. A readiness to help with typing copy for the school magazine and for many other school activities, her work for the elderly folk's party and her organisation of the annual Dr. Barnardo's Bazaar since time immemorial are characteristic of her desire to help others and to communicate that attitude to her classes. Mrs. Sankey has shown an affection for the School and we thank her for her generosity of spirit. May she enjoy many years of sunshine in the garden that she loves.

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