Mid Essex Tech - As we are now

Pictures sent in by former pupils showing how they are now.


  • Nancy Harrington (nee West) 1938-41
  • Edna Weaver (nee Emly) 1938-41
  • Eleven of us descended on Chelmsford, all 1950-55's for a lunch together.
    Barbara Blyth (nee Good) was on a visit from Australia and stayed for a few days with Doreen Smith (nee Bassett). There was plenty of news to catch up on, especially as some had not seen Barbara since leaving school. Back - L to R: Jean Wilson (Hammond); Gillian Offord (Stevens) Barbara Blyth (Good) (slightly to the front); Brenda Edwards (Fryatt); Brenda Bond (Trundle); Jean Cloughton (Money); Marian Drury (Crisp); Front - L to R: Ann Pallant (Jones Doreen Smith (Bassett); Maureen Baker (Albiston); Evelyn Bolton (Wilsden) Jean Cloughton (Money)
  • Beryl Julian(nee Jackson) 1949 - 1954 - taken in 2008
  • From: Jean Cloughton (nee Money) 1950-55
    Nine of us descended on Chelmsford for a mini reunion lunch on Friday 20th June - all 1950-55 era. We had a great time catching up on all the news - some had not met since leaving school. Pictured with me are: Ann Pallant (nee Jones) Pam Outhwaite (nee Drennan) Marian Drury (nee Crisp) Gill Offord (nee Stevens) Evelyn Bolton (nee Wilsden) Brenda Edwards (nee Fryatt) Doreen Smith (nee Bassett) Maureen Baker (nee Albiston).
  • John Latham (Crompton House) 1949 - 54
    Thought I'd send pic of myself now, complete with old boys blazer....can still get into Having left school '54, was apprenticed at Crompton Parkinson's, during which time I obtained Final in City and Guilds Machine Shop, then moved to Marconi's (Production Engineering Development), and during this time obtained National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. Having spent five years on the drawing board, left, and joined my Father in his business, where I have been ever sort of retired now, and just "tiffle" around....bit of this, bit of that.
  • Colin HUMPHREYS 1943-46, with his wife Heather
  • Peter Manning 1944-1947
  • Class of 1946 - 60 years On
    l-r Tony Fewell: Vic Palmer: Brian Mockett: Stuart Closs: Delmas Ashford: Francis Goddard
  • Brian Mockett 1943 - 46 Audrey Mockett (nee Lucas) 1947 - 48
  • Iris Saunders nee Goddard 1937-40 taken on her 83rd birthday in October
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