Broomfield Secondary 1963-1964

Broomfield SM 1964

The above photo was sent in by Richard Howell, Frankston, Victoria, Australia

"A photo of my class of 1964, probably taken around May or June of that year. We were known as Extended 2 which meant that we elected to extend our stay at school for two extra years to take the GCE exams. The teacher is Mr Cass (we never did get to know a teacher's Christian name). I can put a name to some of the faces (I'm front row, second from the left), the boy at far right, back row is Brian Marden who was head boy for that year."

Richard has added some names to the pupils in the photograph :-

  • Backrow left to right: 1) & 2) not known; 3) Bev Cox; 4) & 5) not known; 6) Peter Jones; 7) Colin Rickwood; 8) Brian Marsden (or Marden) - Head boy.
  • Next row left to right: 1) Christopher Shaw; 2) not known; 3) Michael Barnard; 4) Pamela Hales; 5) 6) & 7) not known; 8) Howard Mold; 9) Peter Harrington
  • Next row left to right 1) to 6) not known; 7) Susan Dolby; 8) & 9) not known
  • Front row left to right: 1) not known; 2) Richard Howell; 3) Rodney Young; 4) Terry Shehan; 5) Malcom Clark

I think the head girl for that year is #2 in the row behind me but I cannot remember her name.

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