Chelmer Valley High 1979-1980

Chelmer Valley 1979

The photo was sent in by Malcolm Searles (Married to another ex-pupil - Louise Byatt - with 2 children of our own !) who added the following.

Golly - it's the first time I've visited the site and it certainly brought back a few memories - but I was sad to note that my years of CTHS/CVHS 1972-79 were virtually completely absent ! Have all my old colleagues vanished into the mists of time ? I subsequently enclose as an attachment, the school photo for my motley crew - taken when we were 7th year (or is it upper 6th ?) in 1979 .

I wish I could say I knew more about the whereabouts of many of them, but the only ones I know of are:

  • Mike Tetlow - Wing Commander in the RAF / Lives in Yorkshire / Married to Carolyn Earnshaw (Head Girl 1980) / 2 children
  • Steve Kirkham - Self-employed artist, designer, computer and website wizard / Lives in Chelmsford / 2 children (one of whom currently attends CVHS)
  • Paul Chester - Lives in Kansas, USA / Married / 2 children
  • Chris Stock - I think he lives in South Wales somewhere / Married with children
  • Susan Ellis-Williams - Lives in Chelmsford / Teaching assistant / Married with children

and I would dearly love to establish contact with David Oliver again - he missed the enclosed photo as he was too busy in the art block if I remember correctly !

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Robert Temple & Sue Lenoir are married, live in Kent & have 3 children.




More pictures can be found on    CVOSA Flickr

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